Drone inspections And Digital Twins

Transform vision into reality and take your asset data to the next level.

Reduce tower climbs and improve efficiency with accurate models that become the cornerstone for guiding current and future projects.

Move your assets into the digital world

Visualizing projects pre and post construction in new ways unlocks the potential to design, build, and closeout more accurately than ever before. ONTEL’s Drone Inspection and Digital Twins services provide you with the tools necessary to tackle projects in unique environments, collect comprehensive site data, and reduce maintenance costs.

Leverage a national network of pilots and diverse options for back-end analytics with no commitment or subscription fees. Whether you need sites surveyed in remote locations or thousands of recurring inspections per year, we can help you meet demand and digitize your assets with engineering-grade precision.

Elevate your Insight

Aerial Data Collection

Access a nationwide network of pilots and a fleet of state-of-the-art drones without the need for software subscription fees and high-volume commitments. Collect high-resolution aerial imagery and geospatial data with low costs and unparalleled precision.

Surveying and Mapping

We offer topographic surveys, land mapping, and terrain modeling services that provide detailed insights into environmental features and future project locations. These surveys are invaluable for all phases of design and implementation.

Infrastructure Inspection

Perform remote inspections of infrastructure and towers, cataloging equipment or identifying defects and issues before they become critical, thus improving safety and reducing maintenance costs.

Virtual Replication

Generate accurate digital twins of physical assets, structures, and environments, enabling real-time simulation and analysis of proposed changes in a virtual space.

Data Integration

Solutions that seamlessly integrate data from various sources including photo / video, IoT sensors, and GPS data to provide a holistic view of your assets. This multi-source approach empowers you with engineering-grade measurements and spatial information during your project planning.

Predictive Maintenance

Continuously monitor the performance of assets through digital twins and implement strategies that reduce the need for manned tower inspections, minimize downtime / repairs, and extend asset lifespan.

*View of actual Inventory Report Data

Inventory Reporting

Document the location, dimensions, and orientation of all towertop equipment with one simple report.

Comprehensive Equipment Catalog

Specifications for over 7500+ models of antennas, radios, other components.

Autonomous Component Detection

AI-powered visual recognition technology with 99.7% accuracy.

Detailed Inventory Report

Documents all equipment on the tower with position, dimensions, other critical data.

Engineering Grade Precision

Equipment and service affecting measurements with unmatched accuracy.

Digital Overlay

View equipment information as a layer of data in your Digital Twin!

Tower Inspection Reporting

AI-driven deficiency analysis to help inform operations and improve maintenance methods.

Automated Deficiency Detection

Patented algorithms for the identification and classification of potential issues.

Assigned Levels of Severity

Severity status for deficiencies separates critical issues from those that can wait.

Detailed Tower Inspection Report

Documents all deficiencies on the tower including:

  • Rust Identification
  • Missing Bolts
  • Bent Structural Members
  • Loose Cabling
  • Damaged and Equipment
  • Many more…

Digital Overlay

View equipment information as a layer of data in your Digital Twin!

*View of actual Tower Inspection Report Data


We offer flexible service packages that will suit projects of any scope or size.

ONTEL offers a free trial consisting of 1 month for any combination of Closeout Support, Real-Time Quality Assurance, Scorecarding Services, Swift Projects, and Workflow Design. Final COP will be completed without charge as an opportunity for you to test our program and results.