Over a decade of innovation

Founded in 2013, Ontel is a specialist in applying IT solutions to problems faced by those in the telecommunications infrastructure sector. Our mission is to enhance and empower the world through technology.

Our areas of focus include software development, workflow digitization, remote quality assurance, project and construction management, data management, and performance advisement.

Our passion is providing solutions

ONTEL was founded upon a passion for developing innovative solutions and helping services providers become leaner, faster, and more adaptive no matter the scope and the scale of their projects.


Empower your project teams, enhance your operations, embrace the future.

Committed to your success

We are trusted by industry leading carriers and contractors nationwide to assess, validate, and close out their completed work every day, and to deliver their projects with exceptional speed and quality.

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Increase in first time COP acceptance rates.

(project average)

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Our Live Reviews catch and correct a critical issue while crew is on site, preventing a potential return.

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Sites closed within 1 business day from CX-Complete

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Issue miss rate and scaling QA to adapt to changing customer demands

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Ontel offers a free trial consisting of 1 month for any combination of Closeout Support, Real-Time Quality Assurance, Scorecarding Services, Swift Projects, and Workflow Design. Final COP will be completed without charge as an opportunity for you to test our program and results.



Experience how our solutions can enhance your operations.