Custom Scripts and Automation

ONTEL’s Custom Scripts and Automation services help you address project pain points and simplify complex tasks, utilizing cutting-edge technology like AI and Machine Learning to validate data and update labor-intensive methods.

Transformative solutions for your unique challenges

We design tools and custom scripts internally to help us achieve exceptional results, and we will engage our workshop and development teams on your behalf to create the unique solutions needed to keep your processes flowing smoothly.

Keep information flowing effectively across all areas of your business.

Ensure all teams and platforms are connected in the most efficient way possible. Automate away your data bottlenecks and improve communication and productivity.

A Tailored Approach

Real-time support and qualified experts to provide solutions and help you get the most from your business software.

Bespoke Business Solutions

Our experts will work with your team to understand your project or business intricacies. We then design and implement custom scripts and solutions addressing specific bottlenecks and challenges unique to your operations.

Seamless Integration

Achieve complete compatibility with your existing systems and software. Minimize disruption from changes in process while maximizing the benefits of automation to help drive efficiency and savings.

Technical Expertise

Harness the power of our world-class tools and automation team who are familiar with all types of business software and can get your platforms speaking the same language. Streamline your vital workflows and processes with end-to-end precision.

Scalable Architecture

Future-proof your operations with a scalable architecture that grows with your business. Flexible customization options and ongoing support ensures adaptability to your evolving business needs.

Training and Support

Comprehensive training for your team to leverage the full potential of custom scripts and automation efforts. Ongoing technical support ensures a smooth transition to updated processes and optimization of resources.

Continuous Improvement

Proactive monitoring of any solution’s effectiveness and continuous improvement for sustained efficiency. Timely maintenance and updates to keep your custom scripts optimized and secure.


Whether you’re looking for a custom script to help with integrating your technology stack or need to automate a painful manual process, our team of experts is here to help!

ONTEL offers a free trial consisting of 1 month for any combination of Closeout Support, Real-Time Quality Assurance, Scorecarding Services, Swift Projects, and Workflow Design. Final COP will be completed without charge as an opportunity for you to test our program and results.