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Ontel provides quality assurance services to those building the infrastructures of the future.

Modern times, age-old problems

Wireless construction projects are more complex than ever. Delays and rework can add up, which is why successful closeouts are crucial.

But the industry still struggles with rework, and issues like unorganized project data or poor communication mostly take the blame.

Adopting technology is a good solution, but it’s not enough.

Change was needed.

So we lead the change.



We created solutions that combined adaptive technology and impeccable customer service to help contractors get the job done faster and easier.


We believe in collaboration and what working together can help achieve.

You can expect our team to provide you with excellent service and the utmost care and respect for what you do.


We want to help you achieve digital transformation in the easiest and most accessible way, so we built a platform specifically for wireless construction.

Our goal is to encourage the industry to embrace change and realize the benefits of technology.


Through the application of new software and innovative methodologies, we want to be able provide solutions that are intuitive and flexible. From conception to transmission, we’re ready to assist you at any phase of the construction process.

Swift Projects

Simple yet powerful, we created this platform to give you the power to design, run, and close multiple projects simultaneously in the palm of your hand.

• Fully administered, customizable environment to fit any scope or project.

• Easily navigate through your projects, tasks and requirements with a simple checklist format.

• Capture, upload, access, and review all your project data in one place.

• Communicate with your team from anywhere through the in-app chat and video conferencing.

• Manage your team, their tasks and schedules to make sure everything’s running smoothly and on time.

• It’s desktop and mobile friendly across Android and iOS.

Live Reviews

We developed our Live Review Process to prevent rework and return visits. Our team will gladly guide you throughout the closeout process to make sure you leave the site confidently. 

• We are your extra pair of perceptive eyes that will check every requirement as you submit them.

• Receive feedback in real time, so you can make the necessary adjustments while on site.

We bring quality to Quality Assurance

We go above and beyond to ensure you deliver a project that exceeds expectations and without delays, every single time. We will also help you leverage data for the continuous improvement of your business.

Faster and better

Traditional closeouts take a week to finish. We only need 24 hours to create a complete and accurate COP with high acceptance rates.

Outstanding value

We developed a platform and trained experts so you don’t have to.
You save time, energy and resources to better focus on your work and other important things for your business.

Partners in growth

Your success is our goal.  We’ll gather your performance data and help you find key areas for improvement.

Eager innovators

Our passion is building solutions. We constantly strive to improve ourselves and our services, always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible so that we can keep leading the change.

We got you covered.

Just let us know about your project and what you need to be successful

From concept to delivery, our services are designed to provide end-to-end support to cover the entire lifecycle of wireless site development. 

Passion changes everything

Our team makes all the difference.

We have a diverse group of amazing individuals taking front and center each day – our technical analysts, our software developers, and our civil and electrical engineers.


Passionate about what they do, they work hard to provide solutions to the challenges faced by telecom construction.


Driven by our core values, they are the backbone to our operational excellence.
They are committed to providing the best service, performing each task with great attention to detail and practicing immediate follow-up, making sure our clients receive what they need.


These rockstars are always ready to deliver outstanding support with a smile.

Our measure of success:

Happy clients

American women worker in heavy Industry maintenance engineer happy working wearing safety uniform and helmet using tablet computer to checking machine in factory.

I appreciate your help very much, you have made our COP lives much much easier 🙂

Jackie G.



The Swift app is easy to use and the support you will get from Ontel is outstanding.

Chris G.



It has been a true pleasure working with your team for the past couple of years.

Ryan S.


Keeping it simple.

We want to make things easier for you, always.

Flat pricing per site starts at $75

Growth begins with change.

Find out how transforming your process can help you succeed today.

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