Welcome to Swift Projects! Here are some items to help you get started:

Access Swift Projects

• If you don’t have an account yet, please email support@ontel.co or your Ontel project email (i.e. client@ontel.co) to obtain access to your organization.

• If using a desktop, please use Google Chrome to access Swift Projects to ensure the best experience. You can log in at www.swiftprojects.io

• For access on your mobile device, search the Google Play store or Apple iTunes store for “Swift Projects”.

Taking Photos and Videos

• Multiple users can take and upload multiple pictures, videos, and files on a requirement simultaneously.

• You can navigate around Swift Projects while files are uploading. No need to wait for them to finish! Just upload and move on to the next requirement.

• Kindly allow Swift Projects to access your location (used when taking photos for EXIF, and when checking in and out of task timers only). You can do this by enabling your location information on your phone, or your browser settings if you’re on desktop.

• Make sure to allow pop-ups (or disable Google Chrome’s pop-up blocker) when using the desktop version of Swift Projects to enable downloads.

• Some Android users have photos rotated when using Swift Projects – use the “Change orientation mode” option in the Settings menu to correct.


• Move tasks into “Submitted” status by ensuring all interior requirements are either set to “Submitted” (files uploaded) or “Cancelled”.

• You can Pin a Task to monitor it without being assigned to it. Just tap on the pin icon and it will move to your My Pins section. Tap the icon again to remove it from that section.


• Once you’ve added someone to a chat channel, they will receive updates for each message (no need to call them out each time).

• There is a link at the top of the chat window that you can click through to see the specific item or update.

We created a pdf version of the New User Guide for you which includes the information shown here and other helpful tips!