• Tasks get assigned to teams and individuals, they collect requirements in most cases but they do not need any requirements to still be useful.

• Tasks that are assigned to a team or an individual will appear on the Home Screen.

• You can manage Tasks on both desktop and mobile.

• You can also Pin a Task to monitor it without being assigned to it. Just tap on the pin icon and it will move to your My Pins section. Tap the icon again to remove it from that section.

Task Cards

Tasks are organized by cards. The card has 4 major sections: Task Status, Task Name and Description, Task Assignment and Task Info.

Task Status
• The first part of the task card provides an overview of the task progress.

CHECK: Task is approved.
EXCLAMATION POINT: Task is rejected.
ARROW: Task is submitted.
COG: Task is in progress.
CIRCLE WITH DOTS: Task is pending
X MARK: Task is cancelled.

Task Name and Description
• You can click anywhere in this section to access the task details page and the requirements list.

Task Assignment and Calendar Status
• If you’re on the desktop version, you can see the due date and time and an icon for who the task is assigned to.

• The calendar status is represented by different colors:

RED: Overdue
ORANGE: Due within 24 hrs
BLUE: Due beyond 24 hrs
GREEN: Submitted

• When using the mobile app, you can see these details on the homescreen along with the tasks assigned to you or your team.

• The date and party in the Task Assignment area are related to the status of the task. If a task is in Pending, you can see the name of the person who is responsible for completing it and when it should be done.

• If the task is Approved, then the Task Assignment section of the task card will show the date it was Submitted.

Task Info
• In the last section of the task card, you will find the Task Info panel. This will show you the number of requirements and the amount of which have been set to submitted. If you cancel a requirement, it will remove the total amount.

Creating New Tasks

You can create a new Task at a Project and Asset level. You can assign a task to teams or an individual and set a due date as well.

• Select a Project and click on the arrow button.

• Once inside the Project Tasks, you can simply click on the Add Task button. This will open a new window where you can put all the Task information. Click on Save once you’re done.

Click an Asset. Once inside the Asset, you will see the Add task button.

Enter all the task information then Save it.


Private Tasks

• You can have private tasks and manage access to them on a case by case basis, perfect for situations where you want one centralized location for everything, but specific levels of access for sensitive data. Only those with access granted to them will be able to interact with a Private Task and what’s inside.

• To create a Private Task, make sure to check the Make Private option when creating a new task.

• To provide access to Private Tasks, click on the task and go to Manage Access. It will open a new window where you can grant access to individuals and select their privilege level.