Capturing live photos and videos can only be done using the mobile app. If you’re using a desktop and would like to upload your files, you can check the Uploading and Downloading guide here.

Once inside the correct Asset (site), click on the task you’d like to begin with. This will bring you to your list of Requirements.

Select and slide a Requirement to the left to reveal the buttons. Let’s go through them from left to right:

FILE UPLOAD – The first button (dark blue) will open your file browser so you can select and upload any required file or document.

• GALLERY UPLOAD – This button (light blue) will open your gallery so you can upload your photo or video requirements.

• CAMERA – Click this button (red) to open your camera and take photos.

• VIDEO – Click this button (purple) to open your camera and take videos.

• Requirements will shift to “Submitted” when a file or photo has been uploaded successfully.

Photo and Video Uploads

• You can continuously take multiple photos for multiple requirements. No need to wait for each photo to finish uploading!

Multiple users can take and upload multiple pictures, videos, and files on a requirement simultaneously.

• If you observe that photos are not uploading (prolonged spinning “In Progress”), click on the Notification Panel on the Main Menu above the Settings to see the list of items that are in progress or queued for upload.

• You can also check your upload queue in Settings. Just click on View pending uploads then hit Retry to reattempt an upload for all currently pending files. 


• You can enable the “Retry uploads when app starts“ option to automatically upload pending items when you restart.

• Enable the location information on your phone when taking photos.

• You can take photos in areas even without service. We created a guide to help you navigate through different scenarios. You can download the guide here.