You can manage your Projects and Assets on both the desktop and mobile versions.

Creating Projects

• To create a new Project, select your Organization and go to Projects. Then just click on Create New Project.

• You can make a Project private by checking the Make Private option.

• To add members into the Project or if you want to grant access to a Private Project, right click on the project or click the arrow button. Then select Manage Project Access.

• A new window will open where you can select team members and grant them access to the Project.

Project Assets

• To create a new Asset within a Project, you can right-click or click on the arrow button of the Project. Then select Manage Assets in Project. You can also click through the Project, then click on the Manage Assets button at the top of the screen.

• Click on Create New Asset and it will open a new page where you can enter the details of your new Asset.

Managing Assets

• All existing Assets from other Projects within the Organization will be shown on your Asset list.

• If you have existing Assets that you want to add to a new Project, just go to Manage Assets to see your current Asset list. Click on the plus (+) button to add an Asset or click on the (X) button to remove an Asset.

• Don’t forget to click on Save every time you make changes.