A Project Template contains the list of Milestones, Tasks and Requirements of the entire project. The Project Template affects all the Assets within the Project. Any changes done in the template will reflect on all the Assets.

Importing and exporting a Project Template is only available on desktop, while editing an existing template can be done on both the desktop and mobile versions.

Editing Project Template

• To edit an existing Project Template, select a project and click on the arrow icon. If you’re on desktop, you can also right click on the project to reveal the options then click on Project Template.

• To add a new Milestone, click on the Context Menu at the upper right corner of the screen and select Create Milestone. If you’re on desktop, you will also see an Add Task and Add Milestone button at the top of your screen.

• The Context Menu beside the Milestone allows you to edit the Milestone, create a new task or delete the milestone.

You can only delete Milestones within the Project Template level.


Importing Project Template

• To import a Project Template, click on the Context Menu on the upper right corner of the screen and select Import Project Data.

• If you have an existing CSV file of the template, just select the file and click on Save.

• If you check the option “Include all existing assets?”, all current assets will be updated with the new template. If you want to keep the MTR list of the existing assets, make sure to uncheck this option.

Exporting Project Template

• If you want to use your existing Project Template on another project within Swift Projects, you can select the Export Project Data option from the Context Menu.

• If you only want the list of Milestones and Tasks, you may simply uncheck the “Include Requirements” option before hitting OK.

• The Project Template will be exported as a CSV file that has rows showing all the Milestone, Task and Requirement information.