Prevent remote job sites or poor connections from becoming an obstacle – we help you keep field teams equipped for success with all of the hardware and software they’ll need to close out live and maximize productivity.

Designed to transcend boundaries and ensure uninterrupted communication in every scenario, OnPacks provide everything needed to capture and transmit data live from the cell site in real-time.

Minimal set-up.

Maximum impact.

Plug-and-play connectivity, ready to deploy immediately to the field with batteries charged and key software pre-loaded.

Customize your toolkit. Connect from anywhere.

The deployment-ready, field-tested kit to keep your teams connected from anywhere.

Current model large-screen Smartphone with hotspot capability

iPhone 14 Pro / Samsung S22 Ultra or higher equipped with lanyard and rugged case.

Field-ready Laptop computer pre-loaded with industry standard software

Panasonic Toughbook or similar w/ Windows, Line Sweep Tools, RET Controller, etc.

Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot with unlimited highspeed data

Dual-band 2.4/5G wireless network hotspot capable of up to 1200Mbps.


Durable back-up power bank containing 26,800-mAh / up to 36hrs of charge time and connection points for up to 4 devices.

Construction-grade Smartphone mount and Laptop stand

Secure all devices for hands-free operation and accessibility on the job site.

Task Lighting

Compact, portable lighting to enhance visibility when working in low-light conditions.

Additional Accessories

Tell us more about the demands of your project and let us design an OnPack specifically for you!


Furnish your teams with everything they need to upload closeout data, collaborate, and stay connected from even the most remote job locations.

ONTEL offers a free trial consisting of 1 month for any combination of Closeout Support, Real-Time Quality Assurance, Scorecarding Services, Swift Projects, and Workflow Design. Final COP will be completed without charge as an opportunity for you to test our program and results.