Main Menu

Once you get familiar with Swift Projects, navigating around it is easy! So let’s go through the Main Menu starting from the top:

USER PROFILE – Found at the very top of the main menu, you can click here to view or change your name or display name.

HOME – Click here to go to the main homescreen.

CHAT – All messages that you’re subscribed to can be found here.

ACTIVITY FEED – This is the log of changes across all items that have been assigned to you or your teams.

NAVIGATE TO – Click here to find the Organizations that you belong to.

Please note that once you have selected an Organization, all the items within the rest of the Menu (from Forms to Calendar) will be relevant to the selected Organization.


• FORMS – You can view or edit forms here which you can add as a requirement to your tasks.

PROJECTS – Click here to view all the projects that you’re working on.

ASSETS – These are people, places or things within the Organization. 

PERSONNEL – View and manage your organization and team members here.

CALENDAR – Click here for an overview of your all your tasks and requirements for the day, week or month.

• NOTIFICATION PANEL – This option pops out when you have pending uploads. You can check your upload queue here.

• SETTINGS – Click here if you want to log out, change your password or change your app settings. Take note that some settings such as File Cache and Camera Settings are only found on mobile. You can view a tutorial about app settings here.

Locating Your Site Project

• From your Main Menu, select the “Navigate to…” button

• Then, you can select your Organization

• Next, select the Project you’re working on

• Finally, select your Asset (site)

• Once inside of a particular Asset (site), select your Task

• You will find the Organization and Asset name at the top of the page. You can click on the dots between them to see where you are at any time.