Team Types

• Team Type is used to organize and categorize a group of teams. Once you’ve created a Team Type, you can have multiple teams in it.

• To start creating teams, select your Organization and click on the arrow icon. Then, click on Personnel.

• Once you’re in the Personnel list, click on the Context Menu at the upper right corner and select Manage Team Types.

• Click on the Create button to open a new window where you can create enter the details of your Team Type.


Creating New Teams

• Once you have your Team Types, you can start creating your teams.

• Go to your Personnel list, then click on the Context Menu. You will now see your Team Types in the options.

• Select the Team Type where you want to create your new team. This will open a new window where you can name the new team, and select individuals who will be part of that team.

• To add team members, just click on the (+) plus icon and to remove members, just click on the (X) icon. Click on Save when you’re done.


Managing Team and Team Types

• To make changes on an existing team, just select the team from your Personnel list.

• Once inside the specific team, you can click on the Edit button at the top to make changes such as editing the team name or adding and removing members. The Context Menu at the top will show you the option to delete the team.


• To make changes on a Team Type, select Manage Team Types from the Context Menu.

• Once inside your list of Team Types, you can click on the pencil icon to edit it or click on the trash icon to delete. Deleting a Team Type will delete all teams in it.

• Editing and deleting a Team Type is only available on the desktop version.