Managing organization members

Inviting and Assigning Roles To Members

Inviting members and assigning them roles are available to both the desktop and mobile version of Swift Projects.

• Select your Organization then right-click or click on the arrow button, then click on Manage Organization Members. This will take you to a list of your Organization Members and their roles.

• To invite a member, just click on the Add button at the top of the page or click on the Context Menu beside it. Put your member’s name, email and select a role. Each role is given different levels of access:

Owner – Given to the one who created the Organization and has full administrative rights.

Admin – Has full administrative rights but is not allowed to make changes to Owner users. They’re also unable to request to delete the organization or edit billing information

Power User – Has full access to all non-private assets but is not allowed to invite, delete or change role of members.

User – Has limited access and is only allowed to work at a Task and Requirement level which includes uploading and downloading of files, submitting requirements etc.

• To change the role of your members, just click on their role found beside their name. It will show you the other available roles. Simply select the one you want to change it into.

Deleting Members

• To delete a member, just click on the X button beside their role. Take note that you cannot delete a member on mobile. You can only do this on the desktop version.

• You can re-invite a deleted member.


• You can invite multiple members at once by selecting the Import from CSV option. 

• If you have a list of members you want to invite, you can put their name, email and roles in a CSV file then upload it to Swift Projects.

• A downloadable template is available to guide you, or you can click on the HELP section for further instructions.

• If you want to request access for your members, you can email us at or your project email (