Homescreen and activity feed


• The Homescreen is where you can monitor team activities and workload, it’s a live WIP tool, a conversation point, and a quick link into the task and workflow.

• Your homescreen will show the tasks assigned to you and your team, along with the task status and calendar status.

• The calendar status of the tasks are represented by different colors:
RED: Overdue
ORANGE: Due within 24 hrs
BLUE: Due beyond 24 hrs
GREEN: Submitted

• You can clear completed tasks using the Clear Items button. (check mark)

• The task list is arranged chronologically to help you see which tasks should be prioritized. 

• You can Pin a Task to monitor it without being assigned to it. Just tap on the pin icon and it will move to your My Pins section. Tap the icon again to remove it from that section.

• The Export Tasks button will export your visible Task list (if Filters are enabled, only filtered items will be exported).

• The Export Tasks button, and the “number of items uploaded” are only available on the desktop version of the Homescreen.

Activity Feed

• The Activity Feed on the Main Menu shows you a log of changes across all items that have been assigned to you or your teams. You can click on the items listed to view the changes.

• Every Asset, Task and Requirement has an Activity Feed where you can also check for updates.