You can create, edit and add forms on both the desktop and mobile versions of Swift Projects.

Creating A New Form

• On the main menu, click on Forms to create a new form or edit an existing one.

• To create a new form, just tap on the plus (+) sign on top.

• You can add various fields to the form: Text, Paragraph, Date, Duration, Range and List.

The Form is relevant to the Organization you selected. You can always check on top to see which Organization you’re working on.

Editing Forms

• To update an existing form, just click on the form you want to edit and select the Edit Form option.

• You can edit the current set of questions or add new ones by clicking on Add Field.

• You can also rearrange the questions by clicking on Sort.

• To delete a question, click on the pencil icon first to reveal the red trash icon. Remember than deleting a question or field cannot be undone.

• Click on Save when you’re done making changes to the form.

Adding A Form Requirement

• Once you’ve created your form, you can add it to any Requirement. 

• Select the specific Requirement and click on the Context menu. Next, click on Add Form Requirement and choose the form you would like to use.