App Settings

File Cache

View pending uploads shows you a list of items queued for upload.

• You can turn on the Retry upload when app starts option to automatically upload your queued files. This is useful when you’re in areas without internet service. Just capture and upload your requirements and everything will upload automatically once you’re in an area with service.


• Go to settings and look for Notifications then just tap on which notifications you would like to receive.

Changing Photo and Video Quality

• If you want to change the quality of the photos and videos you capture, just go to Settings.

• Look for Camera Settings and you will see Photo size and JPG quality where you can change the photo resolution.

• Take note that certain resolutions may be required in some projects.

• If your photos are uploading sideways when using Swift Projects (happens to some Android devices), select the “Change orientation mode” option.

• Please take note that the File Cache option and Camera Settings are not available on the desktop version.